LANDMORE CO., LIMITED supports electronic manufacturers to purchase electronic component parts and finished goods including obsolete, allocated and commonly available material in a safe way.
Supply chain interruptions due to extended lead times, missed forecasting estimates, obsolescence and legacy project support can wreak havoc on the bottom line.
Typically, we help our clients free up to 24 hours + per week on time spent researching hard-to-find parts which can be refocused on stronger purchasing strategies. Ours team has over 15 years experience in this field. We will listen and know what you really need
Our clients include manufacturers as well as small and medium contract electronic manufacturers and agents

What Landmore co ltd can do for you: 
• Our experienced trained team members will listen to your needs, provide solutions and follow up with consistent communication.
• Extensive background in sourcing and purchasing solutions extending back to 2008.
• Can save our customers million's in circuit board redesigns.
• Supply chain protection procedures intact with in-house inspection, monitoring and measuring to provide quality materials to manufacturers specifications. Including 3rd Part Testing.
• 100% customer satisfaction rating for on time delivery, customer service and quality products.
• Testing of electronic components to clients standards with test report (third party.)
• Known, liked and trusted by electronic manufacturers including OEMs, CMs, ODMs and distributors.

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